We love bikes, but we love seeing people riding and enjoying them even more. The freedom, camaraderie, and community bikes bring to those that ride them is something truly unique, and we want Cafe + Velo to be a place that further encourages, embraces, and acts as a ‘homebase’ for this lifestyle.


What’s bike riding without great coffee? Our partnership with Radio Roasters is the result of not only a desire to offer the best coffee in the city (we do have our own exclusive roasts and blends after all), but to also make those who have been active enthusiastic participants in building community a part of ours.


We think great food doesn’t have to be expensive, pretentious, and/or have a medal draped over it in order for people to enjoy it. Thankfully for us, our amazing baker, Crandwich- Master, and all around good guy Tom agrees…and we are hopeful that you will too, because we are here serve you.


Businesses, especially cafes, are integral to building up the communities to whom they serve. We at Cafe + Velo want to be a hub for the communities, groups, and interests that our customers and ourselves want to see prosper, which is why we choose to use our venue as a gathering place and megaphone.

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