Le Tour de Cat | August 13th @ 12:00pm

The Tour de France may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have our fun and prizes here in the ATL…stage-racing style! The Tour de Cat (Le Tour de Cat if you’re fancy) is a 3-stage race (time-trial, ‘sprinter stage’, and ‘climbing stage’) that will each contain single checkpoints, and will have both stage and overall tour place finishes (1st-3rd). Aggregate times will determine placing; however, non-race related time bonuses will be available after manifests have been turned in. Further race info:

– -30-mile overall tour distance.Sprint>Climbing>Time-Trial. Start at the cafe. Sprint and Climbing stages are continuous. Regroup at end of climbing stage. Time-Trial is a mass restart. End at the cafe.

– BRING A CHARGED PHONE! Do not get lost.

Sprint Stage Checkpoint
Peachtree Bikes Westside (finish) https://goo.gl/maps/uxYcHS6keWK2

Climbing Stage Checkpoints
Whitewater Creek Parking Lot (halfway) https://goo.gl/maps/qZj5n9qdrk22
(finish) https://goo.gl/maps/PKZKEGCE7Zq

TT Stage Checkpoints
(halfway) https://goo.gl/maps/URE2K88Bnws
Café + Velo (finish) https://goo.gl/maps/EW1PVzUqS7x

– 1:00 pm sprint-stage start (Must arrive by noon to be processed and qualify for pre-race time-bonus)

– BRING YOUR RACE NUMBER! Come with it pre-pinned on your person. On the bike will not be acceptable.

– $1000 tour podium

– Over 18 prize packages

– All registrants entered into raffle (you don’t have to race to win stuff!)

– Men’s/Women’s/Fixed (or single-speed) categories for overall tour

– Afterparty/Giveaways/Discounts/Infamy

– Helmets required

– Memory, coordination, and general useless knowledge will be needed for time-bonuses

– Cheating and/or being a bastard to other riders will get you DQ’d


Registration is at Cafe + Velo starting July 24th, and is $15 for early registration; $20 for the day of (cash if at all possible). Registration ends 12pm August 13th. An extra $5 will get you a race shirt. Riders will be required to sign waiver to race.

You can also register (for a small fee) through Eventbrite. Note that you will need to bring your printed ticket and provide a completed waiver (available at the cafe) on race day. Arrive early to receive number, and fill out waiver.

A portion of the proceeds from this race will be donated to the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, which is dedicated to finding permanent employment and housing solutions for homeless and financially vulnerable individuals.


Ebenezer Baptist Church has generously allowed us to use their gravel parking lot at the northeast corner of Jackson St. and Edgewood Ave (next door to Georgia Beer Garden) during the event. Be respectful of their property. Do not leave trash or your car there much later after the event please. Google map link here


Overall Tour
1 – $700+swag
2 – $200+swag
3 – $100+swag

1 – COMPLETE Langster Track bike
2 – Spindle Bag + Littles/Nonis/Cafe + Velo gift certificates
3 – Heavy Pedal T-shirt+Bluetooth Skullcandy headphones

1 – Search and State jersey+Specialized socks/Water Bottle
2 – $150 Mariemarie Salon gift certificate/socks/water bottle
3 – Sabotage jersey/socks/water bottle

First choice of stage prizes will be determined by a single bocce toss from each of the top three finishers from each stage. Whoever is closest to the pallino (the little white ball) gets to choose which prize package he or she wants first.

Sprint Stage
– Search and State jersey+Sabotage socks/water bottle
– Sabotage jersey/socks/water bottle
– Radio Roasters brew package

Climbing Stage
– Boyd Rouleur Alloy Clincher Wheelset
– Smith Route Mips helmet
– Radio brew package + $25 Cafe + Velo gift card

Time Trial Stage
– Lumos Helmet+Heavy Pedal gift certificate
– Smith Pivlock Arena Max sunglasses+water bottle
– Knog lights, socks, Shimano t-shirt, and case of Montane Sparkling Water

DFL Prize (when being last is a blast)
– Jittery Joes jersey and coffee


Everyone who registers for Le Tour de Cat (racing or not) is entered into the raffle happening at the end of the race. Prizes include:
– Pure Keirin Pro Track frameset
– Lumos integrated signal helmet
– Spindle custom bag
– Knog locks and lights
– $150 MarieMarie Salon gift certificate
– Noni’s/Little’s gift cards
– T-shirts
– Cafe + Velo gift cards
– Case of Revelator Fizz
– Case of Montane Sparkling Spring Water
– Coffee


Cash Money

$700 – 1st place + prizes
$200 – 2nd place + prizes
$100 – 3rd place + prizes

Peachtree Bikes

COMPLETE Specialized Langster Track


*RAFFLE PRIZE* Lumos integrated turn/brake signal helmets

Boyd Cycling

Front and rear Rouleur alloy wheelset

Hot Shots Powder Coating

*RAFFLE PRIZE* Custom paint job.
Includes disassembly, reassembly, and custom masking


Smith optics and helmet

Pure Cycles

*RAFFLE PRIZE* Pure Cycles Keirin Pro Track frameset w/full carbon fork

Search and State

Men’s and Women’s jerseys


Men and women’s jerseys/Socks/Water bottles

The Spindle

Custom bike bag


*RAFFLE PRIZE* Lights and locks

MarieMarie Salon

*RAFFLE PRIZE* $150 gift certificates

Heavy Pedal

Gift cards/Shirts/Assorted swag

Radio Roasters

Brew package. Coffee/T-shirts/Aeropress/Mug/Coffeejournal


Skullcandy headphones

Reformation Brewery


Little's Food Store

*RAFFLE PRIZE* $25 Gift Certificates

Revelator Coffee Company

*RAFFLE PRIZE* Revelator Cold Brew Fizz sodas


*RAFFLE PRIZE* Noni’s gift cards

Jittery Joe's

Coffee and jersey

Fresh Baked Goods

Shirts / Custom Printing / Branding

Montane Sparkling Spring Water

*RAFFLE PRIZE* Amazing sparkling spring waters

Georgia Beer Garden

Great venue/Free drink tickets

Bike Law GA

Advocating for the rights of Georgia Bike riders